Control 28 T-60

Giá : 6.390.000 VNĐ

Control 28T dùng cho nhạc Background/Foreground cho trong nhà hoặc ngoài trời. Loa có thể dùng Ohm hoặc Volt rất tiện lợi khi lắp đặt. Giá trên tính cái

  • Isolation transformer for 70.7 V / 100 V distributed-line sound systems.
  • Components: 8 in Polypropylene coated woofer, 1 in Titanium coated horn loaded tweeter.
  • Built-in InvisiBall® mounting hardware*.
  • Weather resistant enclosure and transducers.
  • Readily paintable.
  • 90° x 90° high frequency horn.
  • Overload Protection Circuitry.


  Frequency Range 55Hz to 15kHz (-10 dB)
  Power Capacity 175 W Continuous Program Power; 87 W Continuous Pink Noise
  Transformer Taps 100 V Line:60 W, 30 W, 15 W
70 V Line: 60 W, 30 W, 15 W, 7.5 W
  Nominal Max Output by Tap:(dB-SPL @ 1m) 100V Input Tap#1: 102 dB, Tap#2: 105 dB, Tap#3: 107 dB, Tap#4: (do not use)
  Nominal Max Output by Tap:(dB-SPL @ 1m) 70.7V Input Tap#1: 99 dB, Tap#2: 102 dB, Tap#3: 105 dB, Tap#4: 107 dB
  Nominal Coverage Angle 90° x 90°
  Directivity Factor (Q) 7.5 dB
  Directivity Index (DI) 8.8 dB
  Crossover Frequency 2.8kHz
  LF Driver 200mm (8 in) Polypropylene cone w/ WeatherEdge
  HF Driver 25mm (1 in) Titanium coated polycarbonate
  Enclosure Material HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)
  Overload Protection Full-Range power limiting to protect network and transducers
  Termination Spring terminals, accepts banana plug
  Environmental Conforms to Mil Spec 810 for humidity, salt spray,temperature & UV. IEC 529 IP-X4 splashproof rating.
  Dimensions (H x W x D) 380 x 280 x 220 mm (15.0 x 11.0 x 8.6 in.)
  Net Weight (ea) 6.5kg (14.3 lb)
  Shipping Weight (ea) 15kg (33 lb)
  Included Accessories Invisiball Assembly 6mm x 180mm hex key
  Optional Accessories MTC-28SSG: Stainless Steel Grille, Silver, black (-BK) or White (-WH)
MTC-28WMG: Weather Max Grille with backing to break up drivig rain.
MTC-28CM: Ceiling-Mount Adapter.
MTC-28V: For vertical columnar orientation of up to 3 loudspeakers
MTC-28H: For horizontal splaying of two speakers. Three brackets array up to six loudspeakers in a 360° array.
MTC-28/25CM: Ceiling-mount adapter.


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